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 Lilith and -*GameOver*-

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PostSubject: Lilith and -*GameOver*-   Tue Nov 09, 2010 7:35 pm

this was taken this afternoon and i questioned it then because it is pet lilith has been composing all week..then l noticed the pet is back on Lilith being composed..we need the ips veryfied to be sure they are not sharing this pet..Drake is posting the ss of it back on the Lilith acct

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PostSubject: Re: Lilith and -*GameOver*-   Tue Nov 09, 2010 7:47 pm

Maxsta - East London Is Back

I’m On A Next Ting
Man Couldn’t Keep Up So I Left Him
Diss Me I Retaliate Worse Than A Curse
My Words Are Preferred It’s A Next Ting
Straight Outta The East Got A Mountain Of Grief
On My Back When I’m Tryna Be Resting
All Eyes On Me When I Stepped In
But I Can’t Be Arsed For The Grief
Who’s Harder Than Me Full Stop I Will End Him
You Can’t Rally Beats
I Roll Deep Like Danny Weed & I Get High Off The Lem Ting
You Can’t Battle Me One Up I Ain’t Having None Of
Take My Advice Bring A Friend In
But Tell Him It’s Me & He’ll Never Believe
That He’s Gonna Get Slewed By A Veteran
I Spend Time With The Book & The Pen Ting
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Lilith and -*GameOver*-
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